Degree & Diploma Programs

Diploma & Degree Programs

This Program is designed to train today’s Christian for more effective service. You will Learn God’s Word and earn a Diploma (or even a degree) Prepare to better serve the Lord. 

Certificate in Biblical Studies

Associate Degree in Biblical Studies

Diploma in Biblical Studies

Bachelor’s Degree in Biblical Studies

Advance Diploma in Biblical Studies


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COGBI Programs




Ours courses provide a well-rounded education and balanced approach to get students into the Bible, and for the development of successful Christian living. They are specially designed to be taught in a group setting when combined with the Teacher’s Kit.

Self Development

Why Study Here?

Camp of God Bible Institute offers an exciting opportunity for believers to learn more about what they believe, for teachers to teach more effectively, for preachers to master the skills of good preaching, for those with a heart for the unsaved to learn more about mission and evangelism, for church leaders to develop a spiritual approach toward their responsibilities, and for counselors to learn Biblical principal and methods to better help people.

We are thankful that you are considering becoming part of the #CampofGodFamily! 

Since its founding in 2017, Camp of God Bible Institute has been devoted to Christ-centered education, instilling heartfelt joy in learning, while encouraging lives of biblical character and leadership. In short, Camp of God Bible Institute exists to lovingly train the next generation of Christ-following disciple-makers.

Self Development

Camp of God Bible Institute promise to you is an education that expertly brings knowledge, science and faith together. You’ll thrive in a culture of excellence and faith. And you’ll graduate from COGBI equipped with in-demand career skills, leadership preparation and integrity that will set you apart in your ministry.

With the global shifts in our world, we employ you to develop yourself in; Employability Skills, Communication Skills, Job Search, Resume/Cover Letter, Basic Computers, Financial Literacy, Job Application, Interview Process, Personal Branding, Information Technology etc..

Are You Feeling...?

  • Frustrated by a lack of opportunities?
  • Unqualified for your career
  • Unprepared for your calling?

Learn God’s Word and earn a Diploma (or even a degree) Prepare to better serve the Lord and grow in your spiritual life.

The Mission of Camp of God Bible Institute is to provide a comprehensive education that equips students to discover the truth through the lens of scripture, develop their potential for further educational pursuits, and become conformed to the image of Christ.

School Campuses

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Our Alumni

The Camp of God Bible Institute Alumni Association is excited to announce the arrival of COGBI Alumni Connect. This is a new community building platform for COGBI’s alumni. It is the only place online where you can find, and connect with, all 5,000 COGBI’s alumni. All alumni are automatically enrolled!

The Camp of God Bible Institute was established in 2017 for christian benefit and it is recognized globally. Throughout our great history, COGBI has offered access to a wide range of opportunities. As a world leader in biblical education, the Institute has pioneered change in the sector.

Camp of God Bible Institute provides affordable Biblical education and theological training for anyone interested in earning a Bible Degree to further enhance their Ministry.