Message from COGBI President

Dr. Moses O. Adedipe

Message from COGBI President; Dr. Moses O. Adedipe

A calling from God to pioneer a new work often comes as a divinely sent burden and passion that propels you into action. In other words, God speaks. We move. Kingdom work gets done. The result of that inspiration was Camp of God Bible Institute

Camp of God Bible Institute exists to develop world-impacting Christian leaders through biblical, theological and ministerial training that is high-quality, affordable and accessible. 


The Philosophy of COGBIS is to provide our students with a kind of training which has been designed:

To impart the Revelation Knowledge of the Word of God, in a simple and a practical way, in order to enlighten and enrich the students spiritually.

To impart the Anointing of the Holy Spirit, which is so vital and essential to fulfill the task of reaching the whole world with the Gospel; and to minister to the needs of the people with the power of the Holy Spirit.

The Theoretical Contents of the Degree Courses offered by COGBIS, adequately cover all the essential Biblical Doctrines and Principles, which would challenge and motivate the students to maintain the highest spiritual standards, both in their personal lives and in their ministry, without violating the Word of God.

The Highlights and the Unique Features of the curriculum of CBIS is that the Courses are written in a remarkably simple and a practical way. This segment of the curriculum has been designed and plugged into the overall curriculum to facilitate the Spiritual, Leadership and Church Growth.

You too can join in this eternal mission. As you sit in classes led by experienced and godly teachers, you will find your life directed toward rewarding service. Your personal relationship with Jesus Christ will be enlarged and enriched as you submit to God’s Word.

It is my conviction and firm belief that every prospective student of COGBIS, regardless of their background and calling, will find all the course materials provided by COGBIS, in the curriculum of various degree programs, very relevant, meaningful, practical and challenging, in preparing them to achieve their ministry goals, with great success, optimizing the use of spiritual and material resources which are available to them, in order to extend the Kingdom of God, in a historic and an unprecedented way, facing the challenges of today!



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Camp of God Bible Institute


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