Partnering With Churches


Camp of God Bible Institute is eager to help the lost come to know Christ, helping believers grow in Christ and helping local churches grow together in Christ. Here are a few ways we can help you and the ministry you serve:

  • We can help you host a class for your Sunday School teachers or any specific group of people in need of training and growth.
  • We can assist in developing a weekend seminar that is important to your congregation’s needs.
  • We can send Bible Institute teachers to speak at your church or ministry for Sunday services or special meetings.
  • We can provide literature so that the people of your ministry can learn about exciting  opportunities for training and growth.
  • We can work together with your ministry team to create a variety of other ways to impact your ministry!
  • Your Church could be another branch of Camp of God Bible Institute

Love to partner with Us?

Partnering Values

there are four core values that we hold dear to our hearts as we partner with you as Camp of God family. We hope that these values will resonate with what you are doing in your own church community.

  • Transforming the heart through the love of God poured out by the Holy Spirit (Rom. 5:5)
  • Transforming the mind by helping students learn the Word of God through in-depth expositional study 
    (Rom 12:1-2 and 2 Tim. 2:15)
  • Transforming the Soul by helping students apply and live the Word of God in every area of their lives.
  • Transforming the Community by uniting believers in meaningful learning relationships and equipping them to be leaders within their local church and community.


We have a well-polished methodology having taught across the world since 2002 We are also flexible enough to assist you in meeting other opportunities within your fellowship.

It is our desire to come alongside pastors and ministry leaders to encourage them and meet the education needs of their ministries. We offer classes on a Weekly, Monthly and quarterly basis as well as retreats and seminars. Beyond taking classes for audit purposes the student can pursue our non-accredited Certificate in Biblical Studies (36 designated classes).

We Can Promote You!

If you need us to promote an event or see a list of events across the calendar, or even if you are looking for new staff we can advertise for no cost.  Send us details and we will post!

If you want to post an ad about an opening at your church, please email us with the text you wish to post Contact us

If you want to post an event that your church is hosting, please email us with the text you wish to post Contact us

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