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Work at construction and industrial job site can be hazardous. Most job-site incidents are caused by at-risk behavior, poor planning, lack of training, or failure to recognize the hazards. To help prevent incidents, every company must have a proactive safety program. Safety must be incorporated into all phases of the job and involve employees at every level, including management.

Camp of God Bible Institute offers an exciting opportunity to develop your career, maximize certain potentials and sharpen your God’s giving talents. 

  • Safety and Hazard Recognition
  • Elevated work and fall protection
  • Energy Release Hazards
  • Job-site Exposure Hazards
  • Struck-By and Caught-in Between Hazard
  • Personal Protective equipment

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Craft Skill /Hand-on-Training   


Course Modules:

  1. Safety and Hazard Recognition
  2. Elevated work and fall protection
  3. Struck-By and Caught-in Between Hazard
  4. Energy Release Hazards
  5. Personal Protective equipment
  6. Job-site Exposure Hazards

When you have completed this module, you will be able to do the following.

  1. Describe the importance of safety, the causes of workplace incidents, and the process of hazard recognition and control, including the Hazard communication (HAZCOM) Standard and the provision of a safety data sheet (SDS).
  2. Describe the safety work requirement for elevated work, including fall protection guidelines
  3. Identify and explain how to avoid struck-by-hazard
  4. Identify common energy-related hazard and explain how to avoid them
  5. Identify and describe the proper use of personal protective equipment (PPE) to protect workers from bodily injury
  6. Identify and describe other specific job site safety hazards, including hazards associated with environmental extremes, hot work and basic firefighting procedures.

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We’ve designed our programs to benefit you in three primary ways: lower cost, smaller class sizes, and a Christ-centered focus.

No matter what your calling, gift, talent and passion, you’ll find your place at Camp of God Bible Institute

Tuition, Textbooks, and Fees

Camp of God Bible Institute is one of the most affordable Bible Institute around.

Tuition, Fees and Study Materials Per Course

Application Fee:        $100.00
Tuition:      $250.00
Books and Study Materials:  $150.00
Total:  $500.00


Tuition, Fees and Study Materials Payment

  • Tuition, Application fee and first-class cost are due during initial Enrollment.
  • Subsequent Class Cost must be paid 2 Weeks before the Class Starts
  • All Payment are due 2 Weeks before the class starts.

Methods of Payment

All payments are made on our application portals with your debit/credit card*

*Payments made by credit/debit card may incur a 2.75% Service fee.

Graduation Fee:

  • Student shall order for theirs. Information shall be provided


We Currently running a Craft Skill /Hand-on-Trainings.

Student Materials

Camp of God Bible Institute Students will study through every training’s with an interactive DVD Video format utilizing student workbooks, charts, 3D maps and images to produce a unique and engaging learning experience.

We provide everything you need!

  • Textbooks & Workbooks
  • Tests and Grading
  •  Full Support Staff to answer any questions and assist you in making your choice.


  • Every student is given a workbook for each course in which they enroll.

Attendance Requirement

Attendance is Compulsory

Refund Policy:

Dropping courses may have financial penalties and academic penalties. Students who drop courses 2 Weeks before the start date will receive full credit on their accounts for all payments made (if applicable) toward tuition fees and Study Materials fees

Should the student be terminated, or the registration is canceled for any reason, all refunds will be made according to the following refund schedule:

  1. Cancellation after the third (3rd) business day, but before the first day of class, will result in a refund of all monies paid except for the application fee.
  2. Cancellation of the contract by the student must be made by certified mail or in person and in writing.

Camp of God Bible Institute will refund:

  1. 100% of tuition charges if the student withdrawal takes place within five (5) calendar days after signing an Enrollment Agreement and making an initial payment.
  2. The Drop/Add period is the first five days of classes (Monday through Friday) close of business. There will be a refund if the student withdraws “on” or during the drop/add week.
  3. If the student withdraws after the drop/add week, their refund will follow the following schedule:
  • 2ndWeek of class – 75%
  • 3rdWeek of class and later – No refund.
  • We offer 75% refund for unused workbook and textbook

Application fees are non-refundable and must be paid in U. S. dollars.

  1. If the college does not accept the enrollment, all monies paid by the student to the college shall be refunded and the student and college shall be released from further obligation.
  2. If a student is withdrawn from a class due to a class cancellation, the student is entitled to a full refund.
  3. Refunds will be made within 30 days of termination or receipt of cancellation notice.

Subject to the date of official withdrawal, tuition and fees will be refunded according to the schedule above. Should disciplinary measures that require the withdrawal of a student the above refund schedule will apply.





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  • Camp of God Bible Institute exists to develop world-impacting Christian leaders through biblical, theological and ministerial training that is high-quality, affordable and accessible.

    Akinruli Paul
  • Camp of God Bible Institute exists to develop world-impacting Christian leaders through biblical, theological and ministerial training that is high-quality, affordable and accessible.

    Adedipe Tunji